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The Science Behind the Diet

Board Certified


and Hypertension

Specialist, “Dr. Kathy”

has been practicing

since 1989.  A partner in

The Kidney Group,

she also serves as

principal practitioner


in Boardman.


Dr. Kathy, a graduate of

the Dr. Weil Integrative

Medicine Fellowship through

the University of Arizona,

is an outspoken champion

of the integration of traditional medicine with natural diet, nutrition and therapy.  Through her years of practice, research, and lecturing, she has witnessed the formidable results of DISEASE PREVENTION through diet and nutritional lifestyle change rather than post-disease treatment and care.

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Most consultations and services may

be covered by health insurance.

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Dr. Kathy's Blog

Dr. Kathy's

All Natural Trail Mix

Now in TWO great recipes:

Maple Berry Trail Mix: raw sprouted almonds, raw sprouted walnuts, raw cashews, raw pistachios, Artisiana organic raw coconut butter, raw sprouted sunflower seeds, raw sprouted pumpkin seeds, organic mulberries, organic blue berries, coconut, organic grade B maple syrup, Celtic Sea salt, organic Ceylon cinnamon, organic stevia and monk fruit

• It is Trans Fat free

• It is made with Organic Ingredients

• It is a complete meal in a bag

Online Recipes:

Coming Soon!